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We are pleased to announce that the below mentioned employee have been awarded WOW by Mr. Suresh Kumar (General Manager – Electrical) for the month of August 2018.

Mr. Ajeshkumar Kappalli (20193), Electrician is awarded for his wonderful job in LV Panel, ATS Panel, Capacitor Bank, SMDB for the clients City Experts, Donrite, Al Hasam, Xcel, Scale, & Conversion Projects in August 2018. Panel prepared by him are error free during while testing, which saves time & he can complete more jobs. He is completing the task assigned to him 20% faster than the given schedule time. He is very hardworking and always ready to work in assigned area. He is very good team player and willing to help other staff.

We appreciate their hard work and sincere efforts and look forward for many more success.

Good job done by both Mr. Ajeshkumar Kappalli & Mr. Navtej Singh Bola! Keep it up!

HR Team
M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group of Companies