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Ensuring sustainability by energy efficiency means cost efficiency for our clients

In order to meet the growing challenges of climate change, at M.A.H.Y. Khoory, our ambition is to continuously strive towards promoting sustainability in each of our business activities by offering cutting edge green solutions.  We provide specialised services that help our clients improve their energy efficiency in cost effective ways which protects the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.  We are a founding member of the Emirates Green Building Council and offer green building consultation.

We offer the following services: energy audits and energy management, industrial and building commissioning and water efficiency.

We are pre-approved consultants for building and commissioning services with certifications for energy manager, energy auditor and building commissioning.  The only qualified trainer from the Hydraulic Institute, we are the prime body for pumping systems qualified as a Pumping Systems Assessment Tool Specialist by the US Department of Energy.  LEED-accredited, our consultants are members of the International Round Table of USGBC and senior members of the Association of Energy Engineers, USA.

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