Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Eaton’s molded case circuit breakers are used to provide circuit protection in alternative energy, commercial, industrial, mining, and military applications, where they protect against overloads and short circuits in conductors. These circuit breakers are applied in panel boards, switchboards, motor control centers, control panels, combination starters, individual enclosures, and bus duct plug-in units.
 Series G Global Circuit Breakers Series C NEMA Circuit Breakers

 Eaton’s Series C Molded Case Circuit Breakers are UL489 Listed for use in North America. They offer dependable branch circuit protection for commercial and industrial panelboards, switchboards, and motor control centers. Available for replacements and upgrades up to 600 VAC and 2500A.

 Series C NEMA Circuit Breakers Operating Handles
Eaton offers a variety of operating handles for our molded case circuit breakers ranging from flex shaft flange mounted to rotary through the door options.
 Operating Handles OEM Panelboards and Switchboards (OPS) Program

Distribution assembly equipment is developed with different product levels depending on the integration requirements. EOEMs have the unique opportunity to select the appropriate building block to match their manufacturing and engineering capabilities. The OPS Program enables EOEMs to reduce inventory, improve on-time delivery rates and remain competitive in the marketplace.

 OEM Panelboards and Switchboards Program 310+ Electronic Trip Units

Eaton’s Electronic Trip Units for molded case circuit breakers are designed to meet a broad range of monitoring and protection requirements. They offer instantaneous, long and short delay, ground fault and arc flash protection as well as true rms sensing for increased accuracy and reliability.

 310+ Electronic Trip Units PM3 Communications

Introducing the Power Monitoring Metering Module (PM3) for the Series C F-Frame and K-Frame and Series G J-Frame and L-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers. The PM3 module is a compact, power monitoring, measuring, metering, and communications solution used in combination with Eaton’s MCCB family of products.

 PM3 Communications Mining Circuit Breakers

Eaton has been the undisputed leader in electric power distribution to the mining industry for 40 years. E2 mining service breakers are designed for a broad range of mining applications, especially for trailing cable protection per MSHA 30 CFR 75.

 Mining Circuit Breakers Engine Generator Circuit Breaker

Eaton is a component leader for engine generator applications with circuit breakers designed specifically for generators and portable or temporary power equipment where lower interrupting currents are common.

 Engine Generator Circuit Breaker Naval / Marine Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s Molded Case Naval/Marine circuit breakers offer enhanced performance and dramatic logistical savings while providing overload protection for conductors and short-circuit protection for all circuit elements such as conductors, motors, and starters.

 Naval-Marine Circuit Breaker Definite Purpose (DP) Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s Definite Purpose molded case circuit breakers are designed to provide an economical alternative for NEMA HVAC/R and pumping applications.

 Definite Purpose (DP) Circuit Breakers Direct Current (DC) Circuit Breakers

The Eaton DC breaker family is engineered to address the highest performance requirements while providing numerous accessories to fit different site specifications.

 Direct Current (DC) Circuit Breakers Motor Circuit Protection

UL Recognized and UL Listed Motor Circuit Protectors and Motor Protection Circuit Breakers offer reliable protection for motor circuits and short circuit current ratings up to 100,000 Amps.

 Motor Circuit Protection Enclosed Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s enclosed circuit breakers offer all the advantages and accessories of a circuit breaker packaged in an enclosure for nearly any application requiring a means of disconnect.

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