Heating and Hot Water Cooling Service Systems
UPS, UP Series 100
  Features and Benefits- Low-energy
– Energy labelling up to class A
– Maintenance-free
– Low-noise
– Wide range
Technical Data- Flow, Q: Max. 10 m3/h
– Head, H: Max. 12 m
– Liquid temp.: – 25°C to +110°C
– Operat. pres.: Max. 10 bar
  ApplicationsCirculation of hot or cold water in- Heating systems
– Domestic hot water systems
– Cooling and air-conditioning systems.
Options- Automatic performance adjustment
– Display of actual power consumption
– Automatic night-time duty
– Simple installation – external plug for electrical connection
– Single-speed or 2- or 3-speed performance adjustment
– Twin-head versions.
Corporate Profile