PRYSMIAN can look back on over one hundred years of experience in the production of electric cables and wires. Founded in 1886, the company has always kept up with technical developments and has often been at the front of it.A solid knowledge of materials, processes and testing technology are typical for the cable know-how of our engineers.cable 7  – Self Supporting Power Cables- Polyurethane Cables
– Rubber Sheathed Cables
– Halogen free Cables Catalogue Click here to download pdf 



Energy And Safety Cables

cable 8

– Cables for Industrial Electronics
– EIB Installation Cables
– Computer Cables, Telecommunication Cables
– Self Supporting Power Cables
– Tension and Crush Resistant Cords
– Mining Communication and Signal Cables
– Fibre Optical Cables
– Halogen free Cables
– Telecom and Data Cables































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