Vinyl Tubes is one of the leading manufacturers in India for uPVC column pipes and casing pipes. MAHY Khoory offers Vinyl Tubes across the region with specialized consultation and after-sales support. These column pipes have distinct advantages over the normal galvanized iron (GI) pipes and are widely used in all the new wells as well as replacement of GI pipes in the old wells.

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Borewell piping

UPVC Column Pipes
Vinyl Column pipes for submersible pumps
•   Vinyl pipes have introduced the latest technology high tensile, high impact uPVC threaded pipes popularly known an column pipes for submersible
pumps, where as conventionally only steel pipes were install.

Advantage of Vinyl column pipes
•   Vinyl column pipes are rigid with high impact resistance.
•   Square threads are designed for holding high load, these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50 years of use.
•   Special rubber seal are provided with threads to ensure 100% leak proof joint at high pressure.
•   Its smooth wall improve the flow of water by reducing loss caused by friction.
•   Column pipe do not react with acidic & alkalis water.
•   Couplers are fitted with pipes and thread sealing with VINYL SUPERLOCK SEALING SYSTEM to ensure that during installation & removal of pumps,
the coupler does not come out & avoid slippage of column.

•   Corrosion free with friction less surface.
•   Energy saving pipe.
•   Smooth handling.
•   Ultimate izod impact strength.
•   Maximum load carrying capacity.
•   Cost effective.
•   100% leak proof.

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