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Products: Capacitors

Viz Cylindrical Capacitors


Viz Cylindrical Capacitors are used for industrial and commercial Power Factor Correction. These capacitors are compact in size and are typically used in Automatic Power Factor Correction panels.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors (Cylindrical)

Power Factor Correction Capacitors (Cylindrical)

Dielectric: Metallized Polypropylene Film

Electrode: Metallized Film

Connection: ?

External Discharge Device: Resistor

Encapsulation: Liquid/Dry Resin (NPCB)

Container: Aluminum Can

Terminals: Finger Proof Terminals

Typical Applications: Power Factor Correction for Industrial, Commercial, Residential & Agricultural Loads



Conforms to IEC 60831-1+2:1996 & IS 13340:1993

CE Marked

Bureau of Indian Standards License No.CM/L 6700260

Low Dissipation Factor

High Insulation Resistance

RoHS Compliant


Over Pressure Disconnector (Burst Proof)

Sell-healing properties

Protection: IP 20

Discharge Device


Installation Features

Indoor, Vertical Mounted

Bolt for Mounting