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    Products: Valves

    M.A.H.Y. Khoory Partners - oventrop valves


    Cocon QTZ valves

    Cocon QTZ

    The combination consists of a flow regulator with a manually adjustable nominal value and a differential pressure independent regulating valve. Can be equipped with an actuator,

    The “Cocon QTZ” allows for the control of the temperature of terminal units and sections of the system in chilled ceilings, fan coil units, fan convectors and central and surface heating and cooling systems.

    Oventrop valves Gate Valve DIN 3352

    OVENTROP-Gate Valve DIN 3352

    With handwheel, body, bonnet, and wedge made of bronze. Non-rising stem made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR), stem seal with gland packing made of a material containing Teflon. Connection thread according to EN 10226 with thread runout.

    Oventrop valves Piston type

    OVENTROP-Piston type spring assisted check valve – female threaded model

    Oventrop bronze piston type spring assisted check valve PN 25, both ports female thread according to DIN EN 10226 respectively DIN ISO 228. Body made of bronze, inner parts made of brass, valve disc with FKM seal.

    Oventrop valves Oblique pattern globe valve

    OVENTROP-Oblique pattern globe valve PN 25, with draining facility, bronze

    Oventrop Ball Valve

    OVENTROP-Ball Valve “Optibal”

    Brass, nickel plated, full flow. Ball made of chrome plated brass, PTFE seats, FKM O-ring seal. Nominal pressure PN 20 for cold water.

    Extended plastic handle. With/without a thermometer (anthracite).

    Oventrop Lugged butterfly valve

    OVENTROP-Lugged butterfly valve made of nodular cast iron, PN 16

    Application: BS 5155 Water between -10 °C and +110 °C and general applications.

    Connection for actuators according to ISO 5211.

    Body: GJS-500 (GGG-50) nodular cast iron Stem: AISI420 stainless steel Disc: CF8M AISI316 stainless steel Liner: EPDM

    Oventrop valves Hydrocontrol VTR

    OVENTROP-“Hydrocontrol VTR” Bronze balancing valve PN 25

    The valve body and bonnet made of bronze, stem and valve disc made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR), disc with PTFE seal, maintenance-free stem seal due to double O-ring.

    Oventrop valves Hydromat DTR

    OVENTROP-“Hydromat DTR” Differential pressure regulator PN 16

    Valve body, bonnet and regulator housing made of bronze. Inner parts made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR). O-rings and diaphragm made of EPDM.

    Oventrop valves Energy storage centre

    OVENTROP-Energy storage centre “Regucor WH”

    Modular system for the supply of detached and semi-detached houses with heat and hot water. Storage cylinder and add-on groups coordinated functionally and thermodynamically. With integrated piping and plug-in cabling.