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    Al Bahrawy Group Of Companies

    Al Bahrawy Group Of Companies

    Al Bahrawy Group Of Companies has appointed M.A.H.Y. KHOORY Group of Companies as the OFFICIAL SERVICE PROVIDER for the 600 Million AED upcoming luxurious, state of the art, first of its kind project in UAE.

    Mr. Karim Amr Nofal Marketing Manager of M.A.H.Y. KHOORY Group of Companies Presented our token of Appreciation to Mr. Mohamed El Bahrawy CEO & Founder of El Bahrawy Group, The Mastermind behind this project.


    NEPTUNE The Glass Boat Villa consists of 3 floors with an outdoor swimming pool designed in the shape of an eco-friendly glass boat, it is equipped with a self-sterilizing air filtration system & an intelligent automation system that operates the entire house.

    The Boat villa is fully compatible with all international safety standards and is powered by solar energy and supplied with a garbage recycling system.

    Neptune is a masterpiece on the turquoise waters of Dubai where you can enjoy the spectacular colors of sea and sky with a touch of luxury in its background giving the owner the possibility to go to any spot in the world.

    Neptune Highlights:

    • A unique design that can be customized as per owner’s request

    • Smart house system

    • Furnished by the well-known luxury company ASTON MARTIN Home Collection.

    • Branded fittings and amenities by Top Luxury Brands

    • 10,333 sq/ft area

    • 360* Cameras

    • 3 floors

    • 4 bedrooms

    • 6 bathrooms

    • 1 kitchen

    • Indoor & outdoor living rooms

    • Dining room with Glass bottom

    • Maid room & Crew room

    • Swimming pool

    • Solar powered

    • Sewage treatment plant

    • Advance technologies for waste treatment

    • Air purification System

    We would like to Congratulate Mr. Mohamed El Bahrawy, CEO of Seagate Shipyard Branch of El Bahrawy Group of Companies, and His Team on Launching the First unit of NEPTUNE, The Glass Boat Villa at Al Hamra Port in the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah.

    The First Eco – Friendly Movable Villa In the World.

    We wish you and your Team all the success in the other 11 NEPTUNE Units and the upcoming Floating Hotel ( SEA PALACE RESORT) the 870 Million Dirham Project.

    M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO. L.L.C

    The Official Service Provider for the Project.