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    We are pleased to announce that the following employees have been awarded with “What Outstanding Work” (WOW) award in the month of March 2021 in RWMD by Mr. Masoud Abaudiyan, Head-RWMD (Dubai & Northern Emirates).

    Mr. Tuhin Ahmed (E/C 11239), Supervisor, has been awarded WOW for his contribution and continued dedication towards work. During difficult circumstances, he collected 2898 tons of OCC material in Dubai and exceeded the set target of 2224 tons for the month of February 2021. He successfully achieved 130% of collection when there was a shortage of OCC in the market.

    Year-on-Year, for the month of February, he has significantly increased the collection of OCC and non-OCC material by more than 950 tons/ month.

    Collection in February 2020Collection in February 2021
    2136 tons (including non-OCC material)3096 tons (including non-OCC material)

    Further to his contribution, he mustered material at an average price of AED 662/ ton during February 2021 when the market purchasing rate was at AED 800/ ton.

    Ms. Maryanne Roshelle D Talaue (E/C 28306), Department Coordinator, has been awarded WOW for her negotiation and cost saving prowess. She negotiated exceptionally well with suppliers and reduced cost for the following:

    • Reduced barrel cost of Hydraulic Oil needed in baler machine from AED 1050/- to AED 900/- per barrel, resulting in total savings of AED 1500/-.
    • Reduced Helper uniform price from AED 53 per set to AED 42.50 per set for orders less than 1000 uniform and resulted in a saving of AED 10,500/-.

    She worked together with ‘Support Analyst’ in generating accurate collection reports of OCC materials needed by the Department Manager as one of their basis in decision making and reviewing the targets. Further, she supported the Department Manager in renewing major contracts with M/s Spinneys and Fine Fare Food in January at 26% lower cost from the market.

    We appreciate their hard work and sincere efforts in building and growing this business. Looking forward to many more accomplishments.

    Good job done by both Mr. Tuhin Ahmed & Ms. Maryanne Roshelle D Talaue! Keep up the good work!

    HR Team

    Recyclable Waste Management Division