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    Al Dhafra Waste Management

    Al Dhafra Waste Management

    With the aim of collecting recyclable waste and supplying in a sustainable way our two paper mills (Union Paper Mills and Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing), we at the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group established the Recyclable Waste Management Division (Dubai) and Al Dhafra Waste Collection LLC (Abu Dhabi). Capable of collecting over 1,300 metric tonnes of waste paper each day, our recycling services helps in protecting the environment, in conserving energy, in reducing waste that goes into landfills, and in empowering customers thru recycling initiatives. In addition to handling waste paper and cardboard, our recycling teams support our diverse clients through the management of other recyclable wastes, such as plastics and cans.

    Besides commercial benefits; their recycling measures result in these environmental gains:

    1. Conserve energy and trees; as less energy is required to recycle waste material.
    2. Conserve energy and resources used to dispose of waste.
    3. Reduce waste dumped into landfills, by up to 50%.
    4. Empower customers by direct involvement in recycling initiatives.
    5. Overall, contribute to environmental initiatives currently being initiated throughout the U.A.E.


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