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    Waste Management in Dubai

    Modern Waste Disposal Solutions

    M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group is the official waste management company for the collection, disposal, and recycling of the waste in Dubai and other Emirates of the U.A.E. We have been working in the field for more than ten years.


    Our waste and recycling company carries out a full cycle of modern waste disposal services. We collect and transport waste from multiple sectors to specialized plants. These services are provided under the brand Green Arabia. Green Arabia waste collection and disposal endeavors to serve Dubai-based companies by managing their waste to maximize their resources and increase the diversion of waste away from the landfill, thereby contributing to the national aim of maximizing recycling.


    Green Arabia manages waste not only by its fleet of specialized waste collection vehicles; but also by providing best-in-class waste management equipment at the customer’s site. At the waste management recycling plant, we select useful components, transfer recyclable materials for processing, and safely dispose of hazardous and non-recyclable waste.


    As one of the best waste management companies in the U.A.E., we serve more than a thousand residents and more than 2 thousand commercial firms and organizations, with garbage collection services in school institutions, hospitals, production facilities, industrial factories, catering companies, shopping centers, malls, restaurants, hotels,  and other organizations. Being a reputed name in Dubai’s waste management industry, we strive to provide eco-friendly solutions with sustainable properties for garbage collection, waste disposal, and recycling waste management. Our certified experts carry out all waste disposal work following established standards by the waste management authorities in Dubai.


    Furthermore, with our diverse companies and business units, we can cater to a wide range of clients locally and internationally. For more information about our other services, get in touch with us today!

    Our waste and recycling company carries out a full cycle of modern waste disposal services. We collect and transport waste from multiple sectors to specialized plants. These services are provided under the brand Green Arabia. Green Arabia waste collection and disposal endeavors to serve Dubai-based companies by managing their waste to maximize their resources and increase the diversion of waste away from the landfill, thereby contributing to the national aim of maximizing recycling.

    Our Service Inclusions

    We provide a full range of general waste management services in Dubai. We solve the whole range of issues with our effective waste management solutions: from the arrangement of infrastructure for a two-way waste management collection system in Dubai and the schedule of removal at a convenient time for you to the preparation of all necessary reporting documents.


    You can get acquainted with the list of our services, and our manager will calculate their cost for you, who will take into account all the important points: the required number of containers or bunkers, the export schedule, and reporting. We provide waste management services for small and large entities throughout the UAE. We offer collection and disposal of:

    General Waste


    We will provide efficient waste management system for mixed waste and recyclables. Mixed waste is ordinary garbage. Recyclables are waste that can be sorted and recycled. We will take away: glass, scrap metal, waste paper, trash, etc.

    Landscaping Waste


    Our solid waste management company in Dubai ensures the collection, transportation, and environmentally sound disposal of landscape waste, including grass or shrubbery cuttings, leaves, tree limbs, and other materials.

    Construction Waste


    As a construction waste management company in UAE, we will load and take away: cement, broken bricks, parts of concrete slabs and asphalt, window frames and doorways, plaster, roofing, roofing material, scrap, and remains of crushed stone and reinforcement.

    Medical Waste


    Our solid waste management service offers collection, disposal, and recycling of the medical-grade waste in Dubai. These include infectious and pathological waste, sharp waste, pharmaceutical waste, radioactive waste, and general waste.

    Hazardous Waste

    One of the services of our Dubai waste management company includes the disposal of wastes that are especially hazardous to the environment, such as batteries, devices containing mercury, accumulators, polonium, lead salts, and similar wastes.

    Wood Waste 

    We offer green waste management. Cutting material, stumps, branches, sawdust and, shavings, boards are taken to wood processing enterprises for further processing as a part of our environmental waste management program.

    Waste Water Management


    We offer wastewater management as one of our waste disposal services; with a fleet of 20+ tankers, we assist with sewerage collection and transportation, hazardous liquid disposal, and oil waste treatment.

    Municipal Waste


    For waste that is generated in non-residential and residential premises as a result of the consumer process, we offer reliable and comprehensive waste disposal services in Dubai. We take out household garbage to our waste management recycling center 3-4 hours after receiving the order.

    Sectors We Serve


    Educational Institutes



    Residential Buildings


    Commercial Places

    Industrial Factories

    Labour Camps

    Shopping Centers


    Our Fleet

    Our Diverse Companies and Business Units

    Bringing international pump technology to the Middle East.

    Project Sales

    Bringing international pump technology to the Middle East.

    Channel Sales & Export

    Providing competitive and reliable solutions in the field of power distribution and automation.

    Electrical Division

    Leading the UAE in waste-paper recycling since 1988.

    Union Paper Mills

    Strong distribution network for photocopy paper and other stationery across the UAE.

    Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing

    Leading manufacturer of Blow Molded Plastic Jerry Cans in UAE.

    Senan Industry

    Designing and installing water-pumping systems since 1935.

    Al Khoory Engineering

    Helping the planet by managing recyclable paper and waste.

    Al Dhafra Waste Management

    Modern and stylish hotel apartments in the heart of New Dubai.

    Pearl Marina Hotel

    The transportation core of the MAHY Khoory Group.

    Green Land Transport

    Introducing class and sophistication to your kitchen and home interior.

    Khoory Kitchens

    Promoting sustainability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness thru cutting-edge solutions.

    Creative Solutions

    We offer commissioning, repair, preventive maintenance, and warranty services for all of our products.

    Service Division

    The group also provides integrated waste management services to address the growing needs of its customers.

    Green Arabia

    A new-age neighborhood restaurant that is sweeping the Dubai Marina with the real taste of casual food.

    The Market Restaurant

    Central Warehouse is well equipped and carries a huge inventory to ensure availability of all the company’s products.

    Central Warehouse

    Why Choose Us?

    Experienced Staff

    All drivers and machine operators have at least five years of work experience, and coordinators have been working since the founding of the waste management company Dubai.

    Quality Assurance

    We will take out the garbage just in time. Constant modernization of the waste disposal fleet and timely maintenance exclude breakdowns on the routes.

    Prompt Response

    We work quickly, smoothly, and punctually. No delay! All services of our garbage collection company in Dubai are performed regularly and within a clearly defined time frame.

    Best Price

    We do not raise prices; we try to keep them low, despite the rise in fuel prices and seasonality. The low price is due to proper logistics, round-the-clock work, and availability of most landfills.

    How Is Garbage Disposal Done?


    Specify the volume and type of waste.


    Call the operator. We will coordinate the necessary type of equipment, time, and place of garbage collection, immediately determining the cost.


    Conclusion of the contract and payment for the order.


    Special equipment arrives at the facility and loads the garbage at the agreed time.


    Issue final documents to the client.


    We take the garbage to a licensed landfill and dispose it off, and separate the recyclable garbage.

    Benefits of Recycling

    • Recycling in Dubai is of great significance because recycled trash including plastics, iron cans, and various chemicals greatly lowers pollution levels.
    • The main benefit of recycling is that it helps to conserve and preserve our natural environment.
    • Recycling contributes to reducing the effects of global warming and its detrimental effects.
    • Existing raw materials can be preserved and shielded from further use via garbage recycling.
    • With the help of recycling companies in Dubai, the chance of landfills polluting huge areas is significantly decreased when wasted materials are recycled into reusable items. Given that landfills have a substantial negative impact on the environment, this helps to reduce air and water pollution.
    • Recycling greatly contributes to lowering energy consumption, which is essential for industrial-scale processes like mining.


    When Can I Contact You?

    We work without breaks and weekends. Call and arrange a time in advance with our manager.


    Can I Contact You For The Removal Of  Garbage From An Apartment Building?

    Yes, you can contact us for any disposal related questions. We provide solutions for any type of waste management, including residential, commercial, and industrial.


    How To Place An Order?

    Just contact our manager, tell us the address, the planned pickup schedule and other requirements. We will discuss all the details and get to work as soon as possible.






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